Midpoint Church is a vibrant, passionate Pentecostal community. We are an Apostolic/prophetic church, where we aim to reveal the father heart of God, by raising son’s in the house.

Our drives of influence are helping people with transitions in their lives, capture their destiny and equip them to reach it.

Midpoint is a church where God is the midpoint and centre. Our structure is to build true biblical values and functions around Him as the centre. We are His body that are predestined to fulfil a God given destiny on earth.

Dr Andries & Petro Botha are the founding pastors of Midpoint Church Perth.

Dr Andries & Petro is a credentialed minister’s with the Australian Christian Churches (formerly the AOG in Australia). He and Petro went into ministry 1982.

They successfully pastored 4 churches during this time. They originally from South Africa, were the senior pastors of Charis Christian Church Pretoria. In 2013 they integrated Charis Church with Hillsong, which is currently Hillsong Pretoria. God gave them a new assignment to go to an isolated city (Perth) which will be the gateway to the Asian countries. They gave everything up to obey God and founded Midpoint Church.

Dr Andries is an international speaker, founder of 3rdday Apostolic network in South Africa, and also served as director of CFI (Christian Fellowship International). Andries is functioning in the office of Apostle/Prophet.

Ps Petro completed her bachelors in ministry, diplomas in child psychology, and counselling. She is responsible for Journey 2 Restoration ministry and Point woman’s net.

They have two adult children and three grandchildren.

Dr Andries & Petro Botha

Dr Andries & Petro Botha

Senior Pastors


We are a church where God leads, communicates and manifests in our leaders and our church so that we can reach out and change the community around use, touch our City and impact many nations. This is our opportunity to serve and make an impact in obedience of His command and His plan so that His will be done!


∗As a Church, we accept that our Mission is founded in God, reliant on our anointing, working towards a growing Kingdom as an everlasting vehicle to create a generational relationship with God.

∗To achieve our Mission, we are conscious that not all can be achieved at once and that short, medium and long-term goals and tasks may change over time.

∗As a Church, we submit ourselves to act on our Mission, understanding our personal attributes and gifting’s, obeying God’s plan and working together in dedicated teams to fulfil His glory.

∗Out of the above, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists will rise to influence the teams and our Mission to achieve our Vision.


∗Understand and Submit to Godly Principles

∗Establish a Sound Organisation, tested against the Word

∗Invest in our Church to grow our relationship with God and understanding of His Word

∗Reach out to our Community to grow the Kingdom

∗Establish a National and International Footprint to have a wider impact, a wider learning culture and establish support structures for our Church